Applying to UT is confusing.

The UT “holistic” admissions process considers many factors beyond grades and test scores. This makes it difficult for an applicant to know how to create an application that will stand out from the stack.

We’ve helped hundreds of students in Texas and across the country successfully apply

When you sign up to work with College MatchPoint, you’re not just getting   nationally-recognized Educational Consultants—you’re getting a team of people who care about your student and understand the UT application process. 

With their experience and expertise, College MatchPoint took a process that was completely overwhelming and made it much easier to understand and complete. The team helped to refine applications and essays to make sure all were aligned and the best that they could be. I am sure this was instrumental in helping my daughter receive an acceptance to every school she applied to. She will be attending University of Texas, McCombs School of Business. We could not have done it without them!
— Jill Seibert, Austin, TX

    How Our UT Process Works

    • Our resume specialist works with you to gather all the important details for your long resume, and ensures that everything aligns with the online Apply Texas application. The long resume has become a more important piece in the application puzzle, sending a long resume is not optional for our prospective University of Texas, Austin students.

    • We offer a final application review by experienced admissions professionals, making sure every part of the ApplyTexas application tells your unique story and highlights your strengths as an applicant.

    • Our educational consultants help your student determine their major and if they want to apply into any honors programs.

    • Our tools and processes keep you on deadlines so that your application is submitted early (which is critical, as on time is late in the admissions game). Remember, UT begins accepting applications August 1.

    We’ll make sure everything is completed  and ready to be submitted.. The most consistent praise we get from former clients is that our students loved being done with applications before all of their friends, and their parents loved never having to be the college admissions police.

    A Few Tip For Applying

    1. The resume really matters. Spend time creating a rich list of activity descriptions from freshman year on. Don’t forget your jobs, special talents or skills, or any other interesting way you spend time outside of class. The key is to fully explain these activities in concise bullet points.

    2. Your essays are important (yes, they really do read them). Write in a natural voice and let the reader learn more about you as a person, student, or learner. The essay should not read as a laundry list of your resume. Hint: If you were bored writing it, someone is likely to be bored reading it!

    3. Make sure that one of your essays addresses what you hope to study. This should align with the major you select on your application. University of Texas, Austin provides a great  website to explore majors if you aren’t quite sure what to choose.

    4. In addition to majors, University of Texas, Austin offers some fantastic honors programs.  Take a look at the programs and if there is one that interests you be sure to look at the application dates and the extra admissions requirements. 

    5. Think carefully about who you choose for your recommendations.  You want to choose a teacher who really knows you and can talk about your strengths.  If you have had a significant job or internship, it would be great to get a rec letter from them too.  With that said, remember that the fattest envelope is not the winner.  Substance is more important than quantity.