Tips for Helping Your Student with Learning Disabilities Get Ready for College

There are many things you can do throughout high school to help your student with learning disabilities prepare for college. The key is to make sure that your student is vested and involved in this process.

  • Help them to explore their interests. Nothing helps increase motivation and confidence like a solid interest that the student wants to pursue. Encourage them to participate in extracurricular activities, attend camp, or pursue a unique talent. Summer programs and camps are great ways to try out being away from home and socializing with new people.
  • Let your student be the driver of his school work. You aren’t going to be attending college with your student, so now is the time to let him do his own school work. This is especially important in terms of advocating for himself if he needs help. This is a scary process, but self advocacy skills are one of the number one predictors of success in college and after.
  • Make sure testing is updated so that your student will qualify for standardized testing accommodations and learning disability support in college.
  • Try out new learning support options, such as audio books or note taking strategies. 
  • Now is the time to get comfortable with technology to support your learning disability.