College Readiness

One of the first steps we take with students with learning disabilities and/or mental health issues is to evaluate their readiness for college. We are looking at the combined academic, social, and emotional factors. We use this evaluation to create a plan for the final years of high school. We highlight areas for growth to ensure the student has the highest likelihood of success in college. 

Finding The Right Match

We have successfully placed hundreds of students with learning disabilities in colleges where they thrive. We visit college disability offices on our college trips. In addition, we call each college disability office on your student’s college list to determine if the college can meet your student’s needs. We treat your student like our own when we are building his or her college list.

College Application Process Adapted

We adapt our college application process for students with learning disabilities. Each student is unique, so we customize the process to meet his or her needs. For example, a student with dyslexia may dictate an essay to us. A student with ADHD may complete his or her college essays in shorter sessions with us in our Austin, Texas, college planning office, or on Skype. Or we may do side-by-side work with the student in order to keep him or her on task. We adapt the college application process to work for your student.

We have helped hundreds of students with learning disabilities apply to college.

Let us help you on the road to success.